Same Sex Relationships

Australian society is currently both heteronormative and homophobic, and expresses enormous resistance to respecting and creating space and equity for difference and diversity.

Those in same-sex relationships have to deal with, navigate and negotiate situations, discrimination and issues that heterosexual couples do not have to face.  This puts a lot of extra pressure and stress on those relationships.

From booking a holiday together, to coming out to family, friends and peers; to feeling safe and comfortable expressing affection in public; to not being legally allowed to marry; to choosing to have a child together etc.  There are particular stresses and issues that impact directly and indirectly on same-sex relationships within a society that is discriminatory to these relationships.

I believe it takes courage, resilience, a depth of love and integrity to be in a same-sex relationship in such a homophobic and discriminatory society.

I celebrate this achievement.

There are also many similar issues, patterns and dynamics that both same-sex and heterosexual couples grapple with, and which can interfere with being able to have a passionate, intimate, long term relationship with a beloved partner.

It is my intention is to provide a respectful and safe space that is accepting of and honours difference and diversity.

My intention in working with you as a couple would be to support and assist each of you to explore and gain insight into your relationship patterns and reactions and to understand how these patterns and reactions relate to and effect the relationship problems that have been creating disturbances in your relationship.

From there I would hope to assist both people to develop the skills and create the changes needed to address their relational difficulties.  (See also
Relationship Counselling & Therapy